Lens cleaning

Comprehensive Eye Examinations​

Eyes Downtown and Eyes on Harlem performs comprehensive Eye Examinations

Common Eye Problems

Blurred Vision
Burning Eyes 
Bloody Eye(Subconjunctival Hemorrhage) 
Contact Lens Problems 
Discharge Eye Drainage 
Eyelid problems 
Eye Pain 
Foreign Object in your Eye 
Itchy Eyes 
Macular Degeneration 
Misaligned Eyes Strabismus
Night Blindness 
Puffy Eyes 
Red Irritated Eyes 
Spots, Floaters, Flashes 

Contact lens examinations
Contact lens fittings
Colored contacts

Contact lens services:

Eye glasses and sunglasses repairs at Eyes Downtown Buffalo, NY and Eyes on Harlem Cheektowaga, NY

Contact lenses

Management of ocular diseases

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Both Eyes Downtown and Eyes on Harlem are equipped with the latest technology allowing us to provide our patients with exceptional services in exams, eyewear and contacts lenses.  Our New York State licensed optometrists are skilled in correcting any ocular issues you may be experiencing.  And, our highly trained staff can assist you in choosing the best eyewear and/or contact lenses as well as answer any questions you may have.

Eyewear Services